We love it when things get a little cheeky in the interiors world. Like, we really love it. Humour keeps the soul thriving and that’s why W.A.Green is filled with brands that bring a positive and fun light to the often dark and pretentious world of interiors.

One of our favourite brands is Seletti, the Italian brand that breathes life and colour into product design, collaborating with other like minded creatives such as Studio Job and TOILETPAPER magazine.

Founded by Romano Seletti in 1964 and handed down to his children Stefano and Miria, Seletti is the crème de la crème of maximalism. The brand works with young Italian and international designers, who are quickly making their own mark. Their desire is to create a group of artists and visionaries that can grow and evolve together. Designed to shock with its dreamlike themes and black humour, the collections blend art with daily life icons, shape and function. Think a modern day Andy Warhol with more production methods. Where else would you find a cat lamp with eyes as the light source? Our store shelves are practically trembling with excitement at the thought of more crazy combinations.

If you live a fun and carefree lifestyle and need a blast of colour, a hit of happiness and a touch of crazy, Seletti is the designer for you. Here are our current favourite Seletti pieces that you should DEFINITELY add to your home.



Lipstick Tongue Mirror by TOILETPAPER | £230

You won’t forget to put your lippie on with this super cool retro mirror created in collaboration with TOILETPAPER magazine. The contemporary gold framed features a retro printed design and would look amazing above a vanity area or in the entranceway.


Green Hotdog Mug By Studio Blow | £12

There’s just something about the hotdog aesthetic. Mouthwatering, eh? We’re loving the hot tangy mustard on this bright green mug, and half of us don’t even eat meat. Pair this new sausage with the matching egg mug, and add some novelty glamour and a bit of colour to your morning cuppa.


Pink And Red Mouth Dinner Plate | £25

Iconic symbolism meets everyday practicality with this tongue-in-cheek graphic pink and red mouth dinner plate designed by Studio Job. You thought the mugs were good, and now you’re lusting after these too! Use them for fun dining or hang them on the wall for non-stop big mouth and red lip blow action.


Sitting White Mouse Table Lamp | £63

It’s not often that you’ll catch us lusting after mice in our abode but these cute resin critters are an adorable combination of sculpture and novelty lighting. Place them as individual lamps or a set of three mousey mates to brighten up those little dark corners of your home. Plus, you won’t even need to get in any extra cheese!


Studio Blow Egg Rug | £615

If you’re going to go big, you may as well go to the egg-streme. This beautiful bright yellow and white circular egg rug from Studio Blow is inspired by pop art and hyperrealism and will always have you feeling sunny side up. Make it a showstopper piece in your lounge or hang it on the wall for a avant-garde piece of textured art. Now scramble!



Toilet Paper Drill Scented Candle | £44.50

If you’re only after a little bit of novelty, this scented candle could be the option for you. Before you become addicted anyway. The bold blue design with bright red mouth is a dirty mix of provocative scented fun. Once the natural wax candle is finished you can use the votive jar as charming pencil or toothbrush holder - right on!


Louie Banana Standing Lamp | £195

Everyone, we repeat, EVERYONE loves a little bit of this banana lamp. It must be the extra protein. You’ll go bananas for it too, especially with the golden resin and white glass finish. Designed by Studio Job, pop in on a console for an immediate conversation starter.


Love In Bloom White Heart Flower Vase | £69

The love shack is a little old place where we can get together. Or your flowers can. Looking like it's lifted straight from a human anatomy textbook, this modern white heart shaped vase will set your pulse racing. Designed by Marcantonio for Seletti this stunning white vase is a great way to say 'I love you'.


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May 27, 2019 — The Green Team