It’s time for our next instalment of the colour focus segment and this month we’re taking a look at the colour closest to our heart; yes, it’s our namesake, GREEN!

What does green mean?

Green is seen as the colour of nature and this has seen its popularity surge in the past few years via the introduction of botanicals and urban jungle trends. Green brings natural elements to the forefront and evokes a feeling of calm. It’s a colour of security as people feel grounded and secure when surrounded by it.

The colour also symbolises growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility, referencing the clean and tranquil colours of trees, grass and springtime. It works wonders to bring the outside in. The different shades of green, from yellowish tones to olive hues and emerald shades, can bring around different feelings and this makes it a very versatile colour that can add contrast when alternate shades are used together.

How can you incorporate green?

Green is clearly a favourite here and both Kamilla and Elvis Green from Painthouse are firm favourites of Zoe. She says “Green holds natural colours extremely well and makes them look contemporary - Kamilla is the perfect accompaniment for the brown and caramel colours that we are going to see introduced more in 2019. It’s a bold choice but still extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room. Emerald greens specifically work well in small rooms with little natural light - perfect for cloakrooms. I love to match a lighter green with darker velvet curtains. For a darker shade, it can look really interesting when paired with a brighter colour such as orange or create a really contemporary look amongst a very crisp white. I adore how you can decorate an entire room with greens and have contrast, drama, richness, and balance.”


Want to try out those emerald hues? Shop these five green interior accessories and bring the outside in.


Green Cactus Cushion | Kitsch Kitchen | £38

Guarantee a tropical vibe in your home with this colourful and kitsch green cactus cushion. The jungle look isn’t going anywhere fast. Add this cactus shaped needlepoint embroidered pillow to your sofa, occasional chair or bed for an instant pop of colour.


Large Strøm Vase Green | RAAWII | £70

This large dark green vase designed by Copenhagen-based Nicholai Wiig-Hansen for Raawii is sure to make a dramatic statement on any shelfie.  Fill it with flowers (We recommend white roses) and place it on a shelf or entryway table for and wait for the compliments to roll in.


Pink And Smoke Green Glass Set Of 3 | £230

Pink and green should never be seen, or should they? Whoever came up with that clearly hadn’t seen this pink and smoke green glass set from Pulpo. Designed by Meike Harde and hand blown in Italy, this stunning modern glassware mixes two of our favourite colours (smoke green especially) to create a subtle yet striking effect.


Large Green Faux Tropical Leaf Alocasia | £16

Add green to your abode naturally by introducing a mixture of real and faux plants. Nothing beats a corner of the botanical stuff, especially if you happen to be a renter. We love using these large feel real fake tropical alocasia leaves in our floral displays or as stand alone single stems for that all year round hot jungle vibe.


Jonathan Adler Tiger Valet Tray | £68

Sometimes a pop of green is all you need and this tiger valet tray from Jonathan Adler will instantly add a touch of glamour to your coffee table thanks to the emerald green and gold combination. Perfect for a bedside table and all your trinkets too.

For further colourful interior inspiration, follow us on Instagram @w.a.greenlondon and Pinterest or pop into our Shoreditch-based store for a good old fashioned chin-wag about what could work for you. Don’t forget to pop back weekly for our next blog update!

April 16, 2019 — The Green Team