Being part of the community in Charlotte Road is a real privilege. The street has real heart and everyone here genuinely looks out for one another. It runs much deeper than just saying 'hello'. I think it's a respect and acknowledgment of just how hard everyone is working and mutual appreciation for the vibrant community we share and help create. 

Shoreditch has long been associated with artists but as rents climbed most had to relocate their studios. The streets now act as a platform for artists but as developers move in for regeneration this space is becoming harder to find.

As a result of a traffic calming and air quality improvement scheme implemented by Hackney Council we now have six large tree planters outside our junction with Rivington Street. I approached the council and requested we use them as a space for street art and they agreed. 

We've been running this project for just over a year now and the community reaction has been fantastic. We launched with a rainbow wave of colour from Lois O'Hara as part of London Design Festival Monochrome @theskeletoncardboard was huge hit with the regular street art tours and more recently we wallpapered everything using @silkenfavours wonderful designs.

COCO LOM saw the project and approached me in store about being considered. Her dramatic use of colour and love of pattern had me hooked from the start and her magnified view of the seemingly mundane was fascinating. Having worked with clients like  Adidas, Track Mafia, The BRIT Awards, Jo Malone and Patternity the whole team was buzzing with excitement about what she would do when let loose.


Coco Lom's planter designs were inspired by our slogan 'Dopamine for the home'. She found that if you examined dopamine under a microscope it reveals the most amazing psychedelic colours and patterns.

"Microscopic views of the neurotransmitters in our brain showed hundreds of huddled cells of varying shapes and sizes - you might be able to spot parts of my designs that were inspired by this".

"I was also really interested in black and white x-ray scans of human brain activity".

The results are stunning and we're looking forward to hearing the feedback from the community. Art is so powerful as it really gets people talking. 

We'll be keeping a close eye on COCO LOM as she heads off to New York as part of her next research project.

We reckon you should keep an eye on her too!

Instagram: @_cocolom_


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October 21, 2019 — Zoë Anderson