We’ve got chills and they’re multiplying; but you can bet we ain’t losing control. Winter is coming (okay, it’s probably already here but we like the Game of Thrones reference) and there’s only one thing for it - home updates. It's not until it gets really cold until you realise that things could do with a change up. There are several ways of creating a warmer home that are purely functional; getting double glazing, draught excluders, turning the heating on for 24 hours of the day, but we’re thinking of all the little things that can help to create a warmer ambience. Take a look at our tips below for eight ways to get cosy without renovating in your home this winter.


Champion a great throw.

Yes, yes, we know. A blanket is an obvious choice for a way to get warm this winter, but we’re not talking something typical. A bright and bold throw from Slowdown Studio will help to get rid of those Winter Blues and bring on a night of Netflix and chill instead. The ‘Kimbie’ throw features a full on frolicking summer scene that are ideal for bringing in the sunshine. If bright ain’t your thang, how about this woollen throw from Helen B instead? Made from 100% New Zealand Wool with wool tassel fringing, this blanket is sure to keep you nice and toasty.


Warm your nostrils.

A great scent is key to a good night in and a Cire Trudon candle will never disappoint. Abd El Kader is the signature smell of W.A.Green and features warming headnotes of apple, blackcurrant bud, clove, ginger, lemon and spearmint. In our opinion, it’s good for the soul and sometimes the heat can be just enough to avoid having turn on the heating. That’s how your warrant your candle obsession to your other half anyhow.



Lay it on thick with your textiles.

Curtains, cushions and rugs; the key details that you need to be focusing on when it comes to a winter upgrade. Think luxe materials that will give you a hug when you enter your home. Velvets, faux furs, knitted textures. Our top pick has to be these limited edition merino wool face cushions from Giannina Capitani and artist Alice Dansey-Wright. These luxuriously soft and striking cushions will make for a bold addition to the sofa or your favourite armchair.


Light up, light up.

Lighting is probably the most important improvement you can make in winter. It creates a mood, enhances texture and highlights special features. Knowing how to layer it can take your space to the next level and it’s certainly worth investing in. When it comes to winter, the primary space for entertaining is inside the home and you need to be looking at floor lamps, table lamps and wall lighting to ensure you’re creating the right atmosphere during times of little light.

Pulpo are one of our go-to brands for good statement lighting. The Germany-based design brand produce exceptionally high quality pieces. Our favourite thing about them is how they’re not afraid to go bold. Why not try the small Oda Amber Table Light, designed by Sebastian Herkner, to light up your life? This amber statement table lamp is made of hand blown glass made in Italy, balanced on a simple black metal frame. It’s sure to banish the chills with its on-trend burnt orange aesthetic.



Corners are cosier.

Forget the #shelfie (we’re joking, obvs), it’s all about the styled corner instead, although we’re not sure #storner has the same ring to it. Everyone needs a corner of a room to get cosy in whether that be in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or all three. Find that spot where the light hits and set it up as the perfect spot for catching up on weekly magazines or a good book.


Don’t be a mug.

We all have our favourite mugs but did you know that most of us don’t have a matching set? We’re fans of the eclectic look here, but there’s also something to be said for a set of the same, with a little bit of edge of course. These bright red and pink mouth mugs by Studio Blow, new in from Seletti, are perfect for bringing a smile to your face on a cold winter morning. We love how this new range of kitchenware mugs instantly adds some modern glamour and colour to your life. 



Fake it until you make it.

There’s little natural light in these colder months so don’t bother with buying plants you can’t keep alive. Go faux instead. Haven’t you heard it’s all the rage? In particular faux hydrangeas make wonderful fake floral arrangements and work on their own in a vase or with other flowers to make a stunning year round display. Don’t doubt it, with our wide range of fake plants and flowers you can bring the warmer months straight to you and it won’t have to be a weekly expense.



Put a smile on it. Spring is just around the corner.

We adore our new range from Inspired Generations. These acid yellow smiles are perfect for adding a pop of positivity to your abode. We've always been a fan of the iconic smiley face for it's funky positive vibes but never more so in winter. Try this little happy yellow dish for serving or use the large catchall for looking after all for keys in the entryway. Trust us, it never fails to turn that frown upside down.

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February 07, 2019 — The Green Team