Five UK interior bloggers that take us to new places
We’ll admit it. We’ve got a love for interior bloggers here at W.A Green London and when not in the shop, we’re often caught lusting over the colourful homes of our favourite influencers. Scrolling through Instagram is a dangerous game, but even more so when you click through to a webpage and see the homes and interior inspiration that these bloggers bring. We have a lot of admiration for the ones that do it well and in a celebration of sharing the love, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites with you. Here’s the most colourful and creative interior bloggers brining dopamine to the home. 
Sarah Akwisombe
If you’re looking for originality with a side of sass, Sarah Akwisombe is your lady. Merging colour, pattern and attitude, Sarah knows a thing or two about throwing some shapes and does so pretty frequently, both in her choice of furniture and behind the scenes on her Instagram stories. Her honest approach has us in stitches and we love reading Sarah’s posts on her London experiences and checking out her latest interior styling projects. Hands up if you are in love with her eclectic living room; gotta love a pink ceiling.  Check out Sarah if you’re looking for geometric inspiration with a “no bullshit” approach. 
French for Pineapple
Bianca, the mastermind behind French for Pineapple, is a constant stream of elegant interior inspiration, with a slight rock and roll twist. Just one look at her bio captures everything she’s about with “ever-changing colour experiments, alongside clever DIY’s” taking pride and place. We love how effortlessly glam all of Bianca’s home is and she’s not afraid to throw in a few out-there pieces too. Her latest project ‘Revamp Restyle Reveal’ involves getting together ten interior bloggers to re-do a room in their house in one month - thrilling stuff. Bianca previously did her kitchen  for Season One and while we weren’t quite sure she was going to make it, she proved us wrong and WE LOVE IT. 
Gold is a Neutral
Well, gold is a neutral, right? Absolutely according to Jess Hurrell, so much so that she named her blog after it. Jess offers the epitome of luxury, without the price tags to match. Okay, maybe the occasional splurge here and there, but she’s only human. We’re loving keeping up with the ongoing renovations of Jess’s Victorian home, even when it does throw a curveball at her and we’re positively overexcited at the thought of her current bathroom project coming to a reveal stage. Follow Jess for textures galore, plenty of gold (obviously) and her brilliantly-angled posts and interviews.
Gabriella Khahil (previously Flat15)
Gabriella’s multi-award-winning blog has undergone a little name makeover in recent months to now be known under her own name. Celebrating design, art and lifestyle, the blog is a constant stream of inspiration for those with an eclectic yet luxe style, heavily influenced by fashion. Art is a huge focus for the Sotheby’s Institute graduate and this is where we fell for the lady – her knowledge on the art and culture world is unreal. Check out her post on design trends for 2018 for the perfect example of just how perfectly curated the blog is…
How to find Gabriella:
The Pink House
Anyone called ‘The Pink House’ was going to be in the W.A.Green good books from the get go and if you haven’t yet discovered Emily Murray’s penchant for pink, you’re in for a good surprise. Having just moved back to London from her original pink house in Edinburgh, Emily is undergoing renovations in her South-East Edwardian abode and room-by-room we’re falling in love with her style even more.
April 21, 2018 — Zoë Anderson