After what seems like an eternity of grey days, spring is nearly upon us. And with the clocks going forward in just a few weeks time, brighter evenings will fill your rooms with sunshine. Spring has always been associated with regrowth and a time to begin preparing for the warmer months ahead and, it's a great time to refresh your home to make the most of the light, warmth and outdoor spaces. 

Let in the light
We all know that mirrors are a great way to make a room seem bigger, but they also reflect the sunshine, making them brighter and more welcoming as well. a well positioned mirror, opposite a doorway or mirror will help brighten up any space. but don't settle for anything. our collection of mirrors are statement pieces in themselves, designed to be admired (and for you to admire yourself in!).

Duplum Mirror 


Poker Shaped Mirror


Lipstick Mirror


Create with colour

With spring blooms bringing a feast of colour, it's time to copy nature and pack away the grey. The bedroom is a great place to experiment by adding things that can be swapped into other rooms if you're not sure (rather than the permanence of a bright yellow wall for instance) and means that only you can see your schemes to then use in other rooms when you feel confident. 

Seletti Cushions

Paris Essex Throws

Concrete Candy Vases


Welcome Home

OK, so we'll admit this is a bit of a strange one but bear with us. With the bad weather almost over, your doormat won't get half as mucky as it did during winter. Meaning you can put something colourful outside now where before it was strictly indoor. Welcome your guests before they've even entered or feel great when you arrive home yourself...







Making Scents

Scent is important all year round but takes on a new emphasis in Spring. The beautiful smell of blossom and new growth from the garden should be continued throughout the house - even more important as the warmer weather means back doors and windows are open. We have a range of candles we've carefully curated to ensure the fragrance, the length of burn and the strength of scent are the best they can. And don't forget, when the candle has burnt down, wash out the glassware and reuse for anything from tea light holders to mini succulent vases.  


Here's to warmer weather, lighter evenings and the chance to make our homes a happier place!

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February 28, 2022 — Zoe Anderson