Maximalist Christmas Tree Decorations

The Christmas Tree takes centre stage in every house over the holiday season, so use our guide to make sure yours has the stand out you deserve and design your decoration to compliment your individual style and home. 

Decorating the Christmas tree is something the whole family looks forward to, but it can also be a bit daunting, especially if you're hosting Christmas for a big gathering or if it's your first time. Follow this guide and you'll discover how to avoid putting up too much tinsel, not having enough lights and leaving bare branches on your Christmas tree.


How do you know what size of tree to buy?

When you choose your tree allow for a minimum of 15cm or 6 inch clearance from your ceiling. This will allow you to display a show-stopping tree topper. If the tree is too tall for your room, you can always cut a little sprig off the top or simply tie a huge bow around it.

Quirky Christmas Tree Toppers


How many baubles do I need for my Christmas tree?

We all have a vision of how we want our Christmas tree to look, but getting there is a serious business. The ratio of Christmas baubles to bare branches is important and you also need to think about the number of lights you're going to need.


How many Christmas ornaments do I need for a small tree?

For a 3ft, small tree you'll need a string of lights with a minimum of 50 bulbs and 20 baubles. It's hard to create balance on a smaller tree so try and match the bauble sizes on branches of the same level. A few unique baubles here and there could look really fun, or you could go all out with the kitsch Christmas vibe and make them all different from one another.


Build base layers with sets of decorations


How many Christmas decorations for a medium tree?

For a slightly larger tree (say 5ft), the bulbs on a string of lights increases to 120 and the ideal number of Christmas ornaments is 40 baubles. You can start to play with colour here and create a fun theme. Use multi coloured baubles to set your colour tone and add interest and personality with unique and quirky ones.


Famous faces and kitsch Christmas baubles add personality to your tree


A 6ft tree can take 240 bulbs of light and 50 baubles. When you increase the height of the tree by half a foot to 6.5ft the number of lights can stay the same but because of the increased branch width you'll need at least 60 Christmas baubles to decorate for maximum affect. An easy way to add colour and drama is with a garland. Make sure it's good quality so you can reuse it year after year or instead try using a sustainable option like recycled sari fabric. The bright colours will look incredible and add a unique vibe to your family Christmas tree.


Get creative with an alternative to tinsel


TIP: If your tree is going to be near a window, make sure you can still open and close the curtains without disturbing any of your precious baubles.


How many baubles do I need to decorate a large Christmas tree? 

For a giant tree of 7ft you'll need 400 bulbs, at least 75 Christmas baubles and a small step ladder! This is where it gets fun. Think about different sized round coloured baubles, small at the top and large baubles at the bottom. These can then be interspersed with unique and funny baubles to add character.

Texture is as important as colour when it comes to creating magic on your tree


TIP: Think about how the tree will be viewed, there's no point hanging your best baubles at the back if nobody is going to see them.

Above all, enjoy decorating your festive tree. Have fun with it and make sure you photograph it so you have a record of what worked well for you for future years. 

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October 15, 2021 — Zoe Anderson