One of our goals here at W.A.Green is to make beautiful homeware accessible to everyone. It’s why we stock a wide range of price points and cater for both small and large interior items. Everyone should be able to walk into our shop or sneak some goodies into their online basket without having to feel guilty. Generation rent is on the rise and we think that everyone is entitled to a beautiful home, don’t you?

The issue with renting is that it’s always assumed that you’re stuck with what you’ve been given. Magnolia walls, brown carpets - typical features in a rental property, no? Well, yes AND no, as there are now ways to get around this and if you’re moving in somewhere new, terms are something you should be considering. Here’s W.A.Green’s tips on adding a little bit of colour to your rented abode.


Ask your Landlord

First things first, ask your landlord! Many assume that they can’t make any changes to their rental property and don’t bother to ask because it’s been set out in a contract. However, it’s within the interest of your landlord to keep you in a property for a longer period of time and this is your bargaining tool. Come up with a relevant pitch and take the time to talk this through with your landlord. At the very least, a neutral colour from Painthouse’s Neutrals capsule could be the answer to your dirty magnolia prayers. Just remember, white is good for bright!



Use Artwork

Command Brand are a renter’s best friend and mean that you can hang lightweight artwork on the walls with no fuss. Choose bold artwork to bring the space to life and create a striking gallery wall to cover any unsightly walls. You can even paint the picture frames for an extra splash of colour. If you’re feeling really creative, you can also try using the Painthouse tester tubes to create your own abstract canvas’ for less money and more colour variation. These are easily replaced when you want a seasonal update too.



Paint your Furniture

Unless you’ve gone for an unfurnished option, the likelihood is you may also have some unsightly furniture within your home too. We don’t recommend painting this but if there is any option to put it in storage or arrange for your landlord to remove it, we would advise that you do. You can pick up cheap furniture options in charity shops (look out for your local British Heart Foundation) and upcycle them yourself.



Add Colourful Textiles

One of the easiest ways to strike up some colourful interest in a rented home is to add shades via cushions, throws and rugs which won’t typically come with the home. Think about the colours that you already have going on and add to them in layers of colour and texture. For example, if you do have that brown carpet, pinks and minks will work well to make it less boring and more boho.



Create a Shelfie

Get inventive with your objects, and their shelving! Painting display cabinets and shelves is a brilliant way to inject some colour into a room and bring your personality into your rented home. Make it all about your style and rearrange every couple of months to fulfill your redecorating needs. Stuck for ideas? Here are our top products for the perfect renter’s shelfie:



Put your arms in the air if you’re OBSESSED with hands. Yes, us too. These eccentric yet classic blue and white hands give a fresh spin on traditional dutch pottery and are perfect for popping on a shelf, with or without a candle. We’ll be lining ours up in pairs because you can always do with an extra pair of hands, right?



These kokeshi dolls designed by Becky Kemp from Sketch Inc. are a bestseller in our Shoreditch store. We put it down to the iconic figureheads represented just like fashion Dame Anna Wintour with her trademark bob and dark sunglasses. Instantly recognisable and a pop of playful design for any shelfie.



Who doesn't love a strong woman? La Senora will make a fiery addition to any setting and looks great when filled with a bouquet of red roses. Hint hint to the lover in your life.

Don’t forget to pair her with her witty partner El Senor. Shelf symmetry is important people.



Another one of our best sellers. This fun Mexican Mariachi ceramic candleholder will bring the party to your shelf with his red guitar and cheeky tash.



Plant lovers unite. Plants and animal print are pretty much a match made in heaven at the moment and this swimsuit plant pot handmade in Group Partner’s Brooklyn studio is something a little different. Perfect for cacti, succulents, flowers or just as a statement piece for your shelf. Renting will have never looked so good.



Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean that you can’t AMAZE with your lighting. We’ve become slightly obsessed with all things banana yellow here at W.A. Green, and can you blame us? This lamp designed by Studio Job is a bit of an investment piece but one that will stay in your life forever. Don’t slip up, go and buy one now.


For further colourful interior inspiration, follow us on Instagram @w.a.greenlondon and Pinterest or pop into our Shoreditch-based store for a good old fashioned chin-wag about what could work for you. Don’t forget to pop back weekly for our next blog update!

April 29, 2019 — The Green Team