At W.A.Green, we like to think of Christmas as one big party and something you should have fun with along the way. Colourful decorations, fun food options, all of the bubbles and most importantly, friends and family. Above all, Christmas is about spending time with your loved ones and making memories that will fill you with joy. Here’s our top tips for a colourful and kitsch Christmas, the W.A.Green way. We hope you have a fantastic time implementing them and do feel free to pop by for a festive chat about the Christmas period - we have all the tips!


Choose Eclectic Christmas Decorations

Go untraditional with your Christmas decorations and choose things that represent your personality; items that will make you smile everyday while they’re around. You only get to do this once a year! From glittery hot dogs to slogan Christmas jumpers, we’ve got a wide variety of eclectic Christmas decorations to hang on your tree. Have you taken our Christmas Decoration Personality Quiz? Find out which style suits you and deck the halls to your heart's content.


Hang Garlands

We like our own Christmas to be a little bit different and, of course, very colorful. We’ll be decorating the majority of our own homes with this Authentic Papel Picado Mexican dia de muertos (day of the dead) garland. This traditional garland can be used indoors and outdoors and will help to bring something a little different to your Christmas entertaining. Garlands are a wonderful way to take the focus off your walls and help bring an uplifting spirit with little effort. Go even bolder by mixing it in with our multi-coloured handmade paper garland which can be reused all year round.


Make a Piñata (or get the kids to!)

Continuing with the Mexican theme, a piñata is a brilliant way to get decorate while also providing entertainment on the big day. In Mexico, Christmas festivities officially begin with the Posadas, a series of nine parties occurring every day from the 16th until the 24th of December. Typically piñata’s add a point of celebration. What more could you want for Christmas? The best thing about piñatas is that they’re SO easy to make and you can essentially create your own design without stress. Follow our guide to creating the perfect piñata if you’re unsure.


Get Kitsch in the Kitchen

Christmas isn’t just about the interior decorating scheme, although we do wish it was. Don’t forget that hands are required in the kitchen too and perfecting your Christmas menu is all part of the fun. We’re challenging you to go kitsch in the kitchen and bring back some good old favourites including a retro starter such as a prawn cocktail and a buffet on Boxing Day - cheese and pineapple with your turkey leftovers anyone? You can pop a smile on everyone’s face with our smiley face tableware for a little pop of colour and fun. 


Go Bold with your Dinnerware

If you’re cracking out the fancy dinnerware, why not add some interest with some opulent coloured glassware? These amber wine glasses by Nordal are a stunning bright yellow gold amber and will add a modern look to your dinner table. Get even bolder with this beautiful blue carafe from Pulpo which is sure to add the wow factor to any festive table.


Say it with Candles

A Christmas scent really is required, so don’t let the husband tell you otherwise. Scented candles are one of life's luxury essentials. When you’re hosting guests and filling the house with all kinds of scents, it’s imperative that you’re also burning your favourite fragrance. We love Cire Trudon for their range of magnificent smells and beautifully designed candles. The only issue is choosing a favourite. For the dinner table, add our colourful candlesticks to set the scene; from berry red to fluorescent green, there’s a colour option for everyone. Just be sure to house them in a rather iconic candlestick holder to add to the party atmosphere.


Add Colour with Wrapping Paper

Presents are a pretty big deal in our eyes. That’s why we exist. However, we’re tired of traditional and we’re brightening our wrapping paper up with sheets from The Completist in-store. Patterned wrapping adds a focal point and burst of colour under the tree while also hiding any unsightly wrapping. Pop in to purchase your Christmas gifts and we’ll help you with the wrapping.


Enjoy It

One last tip for all of us here at W.A.Green - enjoy your day and spend some time relaxing. This is one moment in the year and you should be looking back with gratitude at what you’ve achieved, who’s around you and how lucky you are to be spending it with the people you love, even if there are a few rogue relatives.


Merry Christmas from all of us here - we hope you have a cracker!


December 14, 2018 — The Green Team