1. Morning Pamper

Think ahead to make the smallest of gestures go a long way. Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier than usual so you can slip silently out of bed and get the bath running, light a scented candle and lay out a favourite magazine. Pop back into the bedroom with a hot cup of your lover's favourite morning brew and gently tell them their bath awaits.

Bathmat Eye £47


Blush Pink Mug Set £30


Positano Scented Candle £80


2. Say it with flowers

Elevate a jaw dropping bunch of beautiful fresh red roses with the ultimate vase to show you've really thought about Valentine's Day. A well chosen piece for the home says I love you and I know you but more importantly I embrace your style. These vases all have that wow factor ready to arrange on the kitchen table for your lover to discover when they enter the room. Bloomin' lovely.

Entertainers Vase £175


Object 1 Blue £120


Freespirit Brunswick Vase £45



Create a cosy candlelit picnic in February for the ultimate romantic gesture. An outdoor picnic takes a great deal of effort to pull off but with all the home comforts to hand like a fridge and heating you can't fail to have a good time inside. Chill down the Champagne to perfection, prepare a simple spread of your deli favourites, tee up your perfect playlist and light loads of candles to woo the love of your life. Simply push back the sofa or the kitchen table and lay a blanket on the floor along with as many cushions as you can find. When you’re finished, the blanket makes the perfect throw for a cozy movie night.

Benson Throw by Slowdown Studio £245


Seletti Toothpaste Cushion £54


Blue Mustique Ice Bucket £198


Ocean Wave Set of 6 Dinner Candles £19


So there you have it, 3 ways to woo your wonderful partner to make sure your Valentine's day is a delight...

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February 07, 2022 — Zoe Anderson