A dark bedroom with quirky homeware accessories on the dressing room table. A bed throw is hung as a wall hanging above the stairs in the hallway.

There’s nothing like waking up to natural daylight creeping in through the window after a long winter of what seems like eternal darkness. Spring is a great time for a home refresh and where better to begin than the bedroom, the room where you start your day. So much is written about getting a room ready for sleep, but we also see it as a place where the magic begins, energising you to think about what you will bring to your day and setting you up properly for whatever it brings.


Start by spoiling your bed

We love fresh, crisp white bed linen set off with a bright bed throw. Our favourites are by Slowdown Studio - limited edition art blankets made from organic cotton featuring work from handpicked illustrators and artists. Making the bed has never been more enriching – delight in the stunning design smiling back at you from the foot of the bed!


Pastel pink and blue with gold rainbow striped Perry throw by Slowdown Studio on bed in bedroom
Perry throw, £245 wagreen.co.uk



Be my guest

Imagine you’re a guest in your own bedroom. Simple little touches that you'd find in hotels will make all the difference. We’re loving this tall green tortoise shell carafe with co-ordinating glasses to keep you hydrated and feeling spoiled. Try a simple catch-all by the side of the bed for rings or ear-pods. Not only does it add some sass, it keeps everything neat and tidy, so you’ll feel good too. A fun favourite is the Delft blue inspired Weed tray by Jonathan Adler for a little bedside bougieness.


Green tortoise shell design glass straight sided water carafe with matching glasses and Jonathan Adler square blue and white delft design Weed druggist square tray
Green carafe £29, set of glasses £49, wagreen.co.uk
Weed Tray, £45 wagreen.co.uk



Lighten the mood

A bedside lamp for reading is a must, especially if you’re trying to avoid late night phone scrolling. Choose a soft light that’s not too harsh, like these ceramic Signal lights by raawii which are slim enough to fit elegantly on your bedside table and throw out an interesting light through their curved design. We also like to add extra depth to a room with a lamp on a dressing table or chest of drawers. Play with layering up the lighting to create different moods for different times of day.


Red ceramic Signal lamp by raawii on bedside table shining light onto the wall
Signal lamp by raawii £240, wagreen.co.uk



Mirror mirror

Bedroom mirrors are a great light source, they bounce light around a room and create different perspectives making the space look so much bigger. It’s great to position one opposite a doorway for maximum optical effect. We’re lusting after this full-length lipstick mirror by Toiletpaper Magazine for Seletti. Adorned with hands holding bright lipsticks, it'll open up the room and has the bonus of making every outfit you try on look amazing!


Toiletpaper for Seletti full length gold frame red lipstick hallway or bedroom mirror
Lipsticks mirror £450, wagreen.co.uk



Go Green

The right plant in the bedroom can do much more than make your shelves look brighter. They can boost your mood, enhance your creativity and thanks to their air-purifying qualities you should sleep better too. It’s also a great excuse to style up your shelves. We particularly love the inbuilt drip tray of the Capra designed planters.


Capra planter with cactus
Capra planter, £29.50 wagreen.co.uk



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May 04, 2021 — Zoe Anderson