With more focus on our homes than ever before, never have we needed to harness our mantra #dopamineforhome more than now. I just wanted to say a whopping great thank you to all our customers new and old who’ve been supporting us through these last few weeks... It’s been great connecting with you all.

During these times it feels like it's the little things that make a difference and we love hearing about you using date night candles and special snack bowls to make a night in more exciting. But we really love reading your beautiful messages of support to friends and family you're missing that we write out and send with our perk up packs. We started to sell these as a way to make it easier to treat someone you love, but had no idea they would take on this much meaning.

So, from the Friday after work Zoom drinks to the midweek fancy dress quiz (and even jigsaw races with another household) that you've shared, we're were inspired to let you know our ways to keep cheerful...



1 Make mealtimes magic

Create a scene with dinner candles, fun glassware and beautiful crockery. Just laying the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even if it’s just a bowl of tomato soup can really help lift everybody’s spirits. 


2 Tray chic!

Decorative trays or large ceramic platters are a great way to organise random items. Somehow, presenting them together makes them seem more organised. We’ve used our Paddle your own canoe drinks tray as a mini cocktail bar in our kitchen. 


3 Mantlescape

If like me you’ve been working from the sofa all day then switching up your mantlepiece can be a real game changer. Experiment with moving things around from other parts of your house to create some drama. Try going oversized - you’ll be surprised how something unexpected can change the mood in a structured setting like a fireplace.


4 #Shelfie

Combining books with some of your favourite decorative objects can stop shelves looking too flat and cluttered. I like to arrange some chunky coffee table books horizontally and perch a pretty scented candle on top or a lovely vase. Mix in some plants for maximum effect.


5 Cull the clutter

They say a tidy house equals a tidy mind! Look at areas that are driving you crazy and think about what you really need to have out everyday and what you only ever need to use occasionally. Bathrooms can easily become overrun with unsightly items, especially if you're sharing. We like to stash our not needed everyday items in covered baskets. For the record these pretty bamboo numbers contain 4 spare toilet rolls, 1 wash bag, 3 razors and a small make up bag. But that's just between us ok.

So that's it... thanks to everyone who keeps us going during this weird times and please, please, please keep sending in messages on Instagram @w.a.greenlondon and Pinterest or give us a call for a good old fashioned chin-wag about what could work for you.

April 15, 2020 — The Green Team