Don't say we never treat you... We've managed to pull the curly haired creative Sarah away from her cement mixer for 5 minutes to ask her the burning questions we all want to know. We're always excited to see what Sarah produces next and super happy to stock her in the shop, so finding out more about what's behind the brilliance is just everything.

What’s the inspiration behind your designs?

My inspiration comes from a variety of places. I get particularly inspired by visits to new places and experiencing different cultures, art exhibitions and galleries and also referring back to childhood memories`.




What’s been the best part of setting up your own business?

The flexibility to work around the school run and looking after our 16 month old. The juggle is really tough at times with fitting business stuff around a young family but it’s incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy being able to more freely make choices and decisions regarding the direction of Concrete Candy. Meeting with customers whether at a pop-up market or a retail stockist is also very enjoyable as well as producing bespoke products for people.


What the plans for Concrete Candy?

Big question! I would like to develop Concrete Candy into a brand known for handmade stylish and playful products. I also see Concrete Candy designing and producing more one-off bespoke larger pieces for events and displays.


How important is the brand to your work?

I try my best to keep to my brand identity. Happy and playful. I try to maintain a sense of humour and fun. I really hope that this comes across with the products.




Describe your interior style for us

I’m an avid collector, particularly art books, ceramics, brass ware and textiles. We’ve had a big clear out since we moved to our current house a couple of years ago and we were quite ruthless in the clear out but I’d say my style is eclectic and of course colourful. 


Where did your love of colour come from?

I would say this goes right back to early childhood when my Dad worked in The Middle East where we would visit the local markets which were always an array of colour and amazing smells. But I honed in on this when I was studying for my art degree and became really interested in the emotive responses we have towards colour. 



Why concrete?

I love that Concrete is seen as a structural material used for large scale construction projects yet it actually can be very delicate and has a beautiful tactile quality.


What advice would you give to other designer/makers?

I’d say make products that you like and then test them on friends and relatives. The more you like them then the more effort you put into making them. I honestly believe that happy energy and love can be transferred into handmade products which is really what’s so special about making and receiving handmade products.


You make a lot of plant pots… are you green fingered?

Unfortunately I’m not as green fingered as I would like. I like low maintenance plants such as cacti. 



What are your top 3 favourite Instagram accounts?

Helene_rebelo - colour mixing lifestyle feed at its finest!
Mireiasuscosas - colourful happy and playful 
Doan-ly - absolutely stunning ethereal photography, mainly floral with amazing colour combinations 


How do you like to style your pots?

Taking photographs is the next best part after mixing colours and making. I love to experiment with set designs and capture the products in different settings and colours. At home I style the pots in little groups of 3 or more as I like multiples of things.

October 21, 2018 — Zoë Anderson