We had a customer in store the other day who was going home to visit his mum ahead of Mother's Day. He was keen to buy something to give her maximum style points. The conversation was really interesting. He said "My mum used to have really good style but now everything is the same colour". I thought it was amazing that this customer cared so much about helping his mum recover her style mojo and that he'd given her present such thought.

This little exchange was the basis for our whole 'Say it with Sass' campaign that we've been using in store and online. Our hope was that this small but defined list gives you everything you need to say thank you for making you the interesting, colourful (and thoughtful) person you are today.


Orange vase | £45 | Raawii

This is the vase the customer mentioned chose for his mum. He was really keen on getting her something to break up all the blue. These vases are really easy pieces as they look just as pretty on the shelf without flowers as they do on a little side table, mantlepiece or bedside with a few spring stems. And as its still a vase, it's not like you're taking her out of her comfort zone!


Gang Tea Towel | £11 | Magpie x Peanuts

If your mum is anything like mine she's at her happiest having her kids and grandchildren around her but she loathes all the washing up. This cheeky tea towel will remind her of all the good times you've shared together over a family dinner.


Violet Blue Serving Dish | £20 | Preta

We always think it's lovely to add to a present in a thoughtful way. And an easy way to do that is to make an amazing salad to take round and then surprise your mum by telling her to keep the dish when it's been eaten. Mum's love stuff like that, trust us.


Bumble Bee Cushion | £75 | Silken Favours

This cushion's quirky design has us dreaming of summer. It's packed full of the English countryside's favourite mini beasts and is bursting with style points. The variety of colours means it will pretty much go with any scheme your mum has or, stand out as a focal point in the living room.


Valentine Mouse Lamp | £70 | Seletti

This cute little critter is an adorable gift for anyone let alone your mum. It adds real quirk to any shelf with its tiny red heart shaped bulb and is the sort of thing your mum would never buy herself. That means she'll love it even more...  


March 13, 2020 — Zoe Anderson