A statement candelabra is the chicest (and easiest) way to add drama to your dinner party table. Everything looks better by candlelight and rather than an elaborate tablescape, those in the know are opting for something opulent and colourful... Just add candles and voila, the table is set.

Here are the top five most colourful and unexpected candelabra for your table.


Pompidou Candle Holder by Jonathan Adler £295

Inspired by the Pompidou Centre in Paris, France this extravagant candle holder is a celebration of colour and experience. 


Shrooms Candle holders by Concrete Candy from £45

Quirky and unique, these hand crafted mushroom shaped Shroom candle holders have a retro dream like quality.




Loop Candle Holder by &Klevering £46

Understated, organic and interesting, the Loop candle holder adds a subtle character to simple table settings.


Chunk Pink by Ward Wijnant £255

Ward Wijnant designed Chunk Candlestick is something of an attention seeker. A towering burst of colour crafted from pink tin foil, this will get admiring looks in any setting.


Totem Candleholders by Tina Vaia from £80

Hand made in Valencia, by Tina Vaia, one of fashions most in demand consultants, these achingly chic candle holders exude rays of Spanish sunshine. 

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March 18, 2022 — Zoe Anderson