We recently caused a little bit of debate over on our Instagram stories when we asked YOU how you preferred to use your textiles. The question in question was: wall hangings or soft furnishings? Surprisingly to us, the majority of you voted that weaves were made for walls and we’ve been pondering over it ever since. Are wall hangings shunning traditional art?

A textural wall hanging makes a contemporary alternative to a painting or poster, and there’s still a level of decoration involved in the process. Illustration and craftsmanship combine in this intricate craft and if you’re looking to cover the entirety of a wall, this is surely the way to do it. In fact, textiles as wall decoration was a big hitter in the ‘60s and ‘70s and that’s something we can ALWAYS get on board with. Not to mention that adding a wall hanging to your abode is an easy way to bring warmth to a room or update an area that needs some extra va-va-voom.

The revival of the tactile throw has brought with it new life; styles today mix modern designs like geometric patterns with new, exciting colour combinations such as terracotta, mustard and dusky pink. Use an oversized wall hanging as a stand-out centrepiece, or mix and match styles and sizes for an eclectic new take on a gallery wall. Oh, did we mention that they’re also super easy to hang? You just need a length of carpet gripper and voila.

We repeat, we’re here for it. So much so, we’ve rounded up our favourite wall hangings that will look perfect in any space in your home, from the living room, dining area, bedroom, bathroom and back again.


April Throw By Slowdown Studio | £245

Slowdown Studio is always a firm favourite with W.A.Green customers and when new people visit the store they can get quite starstruck. If you’re not familiar with the cult USA brand, get to know them now. The April Throw was designed by Spanish artist Natalia Vico and features some of our favourite colours of the season -  rust tones with yellow and teal blue. We adore the strong feminine vibe she's got going on and think this would make a great statement in a dusty pink boudoir.


Naked Couple Backs Grey Wool Blanket | £160

Just because you like grey, doesn’t mean that you like bland. This cheeky blanket from Helen B could be used as a throw or a wall hanging and is sure to bring a few laughs from house guests. The traditional thick double sided plaid blanket also means that you can opt for a grey background or a black background depending on your decor.


ParisEssex Vera Visage | £1800

ParisEssex masterpieces are truly one of a kind when it comes to wall art and if you’re looking to make an impression on your walls, this is the way to go. Seriously, they’re all completely handmade and one-off pieces. Created by knitwear gurus; Carolyn Clewer and Tiphaine de Lussy, ParisEssex revisit the craft and the clichés of knitting and crochet, playing with hand and machine techniques. The Vera Visage is an abstract take on the female form and will totally fit in with your other high end art on the walls.


Lennox Throw By Slowdown Studio | £245

The Lennox Throw was designed by artist Manuel Vargas from Guadalajara, Mexico, and features a black and white woven cotton design with a crazy croc as the centrepiece. This snappy aesthetic would look great against a bold wall - just what your yellow hallways is looking for. Don’t worry, it won’t bite. Unless you leave him in the shop of course.


The King Limited Edition Tapestry | Pakal | £750

When the artist has been featured at both the Saatchi and the RA, you know you’re on to a winner. THIS LIMITED EDITION TAPESTRY IS MADE FOR THE WALLS PEOPLE. Pakal is the alter ego of an established street artist and this stunning tapestry is from an exclusive limited edition of 20 produced for the artist's exhibition held in April 2018. The intricate details present vibrant works of the Laka tribe who believed creativity was the path to transformation and reinvention. We love it for its vivid colours (forever swooning over that blue), different subject matter and connection to the Far East and indigenous art of Central America.


DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Haveli Floral Pink Rug | £53

Ever considered hanging a rug on the wall? Well this one is totally beautiful enough to do so. The elegant red flowers decorate this stunning light cotton carpet rug with yellow, green and blue stems creating a colourful aesthetic.


Madam Stoltz  Seagrass Wall Hanging | £67

Granted, you can’t get cosy with this wall hanging but if you’re looking to bring a boho vibe, this stunning hand woven seagrass wall hanging is ideal. This fun textural piece is handmade from natural seagrass with a jute string for hanging.


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July 30, 2019 — The Green Team