As huge lovers of Instagram, we’re often scouring out new accounts and looking for like minded profiles that provide us with inspiration a plenty. Someone we’ve connected with recently provides all kinds of botanical inspiration and has left us wanting to fill our home with all things green is Natasha Sidhu of @la_sidhu, the content creator with a penchant for all things bohemian.

The savvy social media starlet was recently awarded the UK Interior Award for "Best Eye For Interiors", by no means an easy win for the sheer level of talent on the social media scene right now.

Known for her love of “botanically bohemian interiors and all things green”, we became rather enamored by Natasha’s jungle home, a space of Californian desert inspiration and filled with cacti galore. We sat down with Natasha for a few questions (don’t worry, we checked for any prickles first) and chatted everything from her own influences, to working with faux ferns, to her advice for those less green-fingered.

Describe your interior style for us

As a lover of the jungle life, it’s all about the delicious mixture of natural materials and gorgeous greenery; a concoction of dreamy textures, minimal colour palettes and unique and interesting treasures to merge together to pack a powerful punch. Jungle-esque goodness with a bohemian twist all the way!

Where do you think your love of greenery and cacti came from?

I’ve always had a love for botanics. I remember watching my dad as a child spend endless hours preening and devoting his time to creating a gorgeous garden. I admired the time he took in his art. Over the years I fell in love with houseplants. There’s something so magical about walking into a space that’s full of life and vibrancy. As a proud plant parent, there really isn’t a bigger joy in the world than watching your plant babies grow and flourish right before your eyes. The cactus holds a firm place in my heart for the sheer weird and wonderful way in which they grow. There’s something so unique and powerful about their strong exterior that I love. Deep down, they just want to be loved and for that reason, the Cacti will always be my favourite jungle friend.



What places inspire you?

Botanical gardens such as Kew Gardens and plant shops will always inject inspiration into my mind with regards to the foliage displays. When it comes to interiors and styling spaces, flea markets are a firm favourite to gain ideas and inspiration. I just adore the mix of items and the innocent way they’re displayed - who knew old medicine jars would make such striking plant pots and middle eastern rugs would make such a focus feature wall hanging?

What tips do you have for choosing faux plants?

Faux foliage picking is a lot easier nowadays as there’s so many realistic options available! Feel and move the plant to see how it falls naturally. Plants are not perfect and that’s what makes them beautiful. For the fauxs that look a little less real, think about positioning them in places where the eye can’t catch the detailing so well. High up on shelves, hanging from planters from the ceiling, above doorways...more than likely, the instant impact will be the wow factor they create as part of an interesting display.

The great thing about faux is that you can intertwine them into your botanical display with your real plants and really experiment with heights, shapes and tones. If you find ferns a little bit fiddly, add a faux into your mix to compliment the gorgeous greens that you’re actually growing, whilst still reaping the benefits of the fully bloomed faux fern.

I struggle with areas like my bathroom which sadly hasn’t got any windows so natural light just isn’t a thing. I always want to keep the continual jungle flow throughout my home, so instead of giving up the green, I fake it instead! Forever flourished ferns sprout from ceiling-high shelves, cool cacti stand strong around my sink and perfect palms project from the side of my bath top - jungle life has not been sacrificed thanks to my fab faux friends.



How do you like to style your plants?

I’m an extremely visual person so for me it’s all about experimenting, constantly reviving and refreshing my jungle gang. I personally love styling plants with the use of lots of natural products and materials to add heaps of texture to my scene.

Old fermenting jars become pheasant feather holders intertwined with leafy stems. Rustic old wooden stools become plant stands, antique photo frames become the perfect plant hanger. Look for the beauty in everything. Some of the most dreamy jungle scenes I have created have been a divine mix of flea market finds, greenery and carefully selected boutique buys.

What advice would you give to our less green-fingered friends out there?

Hardy plants such as succulents and cacti are always a great place to start for those wanting a lower maintenance jungle, but with maximum visual effect. If maintenance isn’t your vibe at all, but you want to still inject some colour pops of greenery into your living space, FAKE IT. There are so many fabulous faux available nowadays that even the keenest of green fingered gardeners would have to take a second glimpse! With faux foliage you may have to initially spend that little bit more but what’s not to love about about your greens in all their glory all year round? Shop W.A.Green’s fab faux finds to see exactly what I mean.

Give us your top three picks from W.A.Green

The Hanging Chair, the Orange and Black Seagrass Laundry Baskets and the Faux Cactus.

Of course! Thanks to Natasha for sitting down with us for a natter. You can find Natasha’s Instagram account at @la_sidhu and shop our full range of faux plants to get the look right here.

September 09, 2018 — Zoë Anderson