W.A.Green loves: Street Art

This week, we’re talking (drumroll) street art. Having been in our Shoreditch home for just over a year now, we’ve decided to have a little bit of a facelift, freshening up our storefront with a specially-designed piece from Shoreditch artist Skeleton Cardboard.



This anonymous artist is a regular fixture on East London streets and his work is a feature of many street art tours of the area. We briefed for a fun new doodle-tastic take on our usp #dopamine for the home, and we're delighted with the results. 

If you want to catch some more work by the artist there is an exhibiton opening on Friday 13th July at Pitfield House, Pitfield Street, London N1.

Street art is such an important part of Shoreditch it’s a privilege to be able to support and show local artists work, we have been very lucky to work with some of London’s most progressive artists to present the amazing work they do as stand alone art pieces.

The art has put East London on the global map and accounts for the huge boost in tourism to the area. It truly has made the area what it is today with London locals and tourists all being enamoured by the creativity this part of East London brings to everyday life. It’s very important to us to celebrate the talent London has to offer. The etherial nature of street art means that this huge public gallery is ever evolving and this brings a great energy to the area



We sell a few select prints but mainly original pieces from a variety of Shoreditch artists with Olly Walker from Ollystudio.  We feel this part of Shoreditch life is vital to keeping the area in-line with its roots and we enjoy being able to support to these artists. Our home like setting works well as a showcase as it allows customers to imagine the pieces in their own personal environments.

At the end of last year, in collaboration with street art stalwart, Ollystudio we showed 'Shmiracles' a new art collaboration between two of the most progressive London based street artists - Pakal (ahead of his solo Saatchi show) and Unga from Broken Fingaz. This was the first example of street artists using textiles which was exciting to be involved in and superb to have the platform to to present such ground breaking art. The work included hand quilted tapestries, adorned denim jackets and clay masks. 



Last week we learned that two of the pieces from Shmiracles, ‘The Forest has been removed’ by Unga were chosen for this year’s 250th RA Summer Show curated by Grayson Perry. It’s amazing to think that these pieces may not have existed if these artists hadn't had a space to develop and show their art. 

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, here are some links to the artists we're working with in store.  

Want to find out more about the street art scene in Shoreditch or get advice on how to incorporate these pieces into your home? Pop in-store, or drop us an email for a chat about all things art. We love to talk about it... 


July 09, 2018 — Zoë Anderson