Santa Chiara

Introducing the Patron Saints of Female Sass. We've always loved iconography and these bright colour blazing Christian Saints are our favourite new pop icons. Celebrating the creativity and beauty of women in all their glory. 

Meet the chatty Saint Chiara, patron saint of television, telecommunications, opticians, goldsmiths, laundresses and embroiders.

One for every bespectacled bling wearing goggle box fan and social media addict. I think we all know someone!  Professional protection for your most dramatic bestie when they need a boost.

We would use these as a fun wall hanging piece above a desk or to add texture to a gallery wall. These bright round decorative Sainted women offer protection regardless of what your beliefs happen to be.

Easy to hang on the wall, just slip onto a simple nail or screw. Each icon has the complete protection written on the back.

Size: Ø13.7cm x D1.2cm
Material: Medium density fibreboard
Care: A weekly dust should keep your wishes coming true