Brand Seletti

Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it. This punchy mouth plate, Dentures by the fabulously subversive and iconic Toiletpaper Magazine is for anyone that's ever had to pucker up and smile through that oh no shit moment.

This snazzy bold dinner plate is for trailblazers, fun seekers and the brave. Too fantastic for the kitchen cupboard, this loud mouth deserves to be up on your gallery wall making faces at you.

Gold rim dinner plate with red mouth design.

Presented in smart gold and red gift box for easy and extra wow gifting.

W.A.Green Team says: "the gold filler in the teeth had us swooning in store, imagine these above a door or in your hallway"


Size: 27cm 
Material: Porcelain dinner plate with gold rim
Care: Dishwasher & microwave safe